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Providing Electrical Design

Services in Arizona and Regionally

We provide innovative designs for the electrical
design community.

EDC Electrical Consulting, LLC


EDC Electrical Consulting, LLC


EDC Electrical Consulting, LLC


Sustainable Electrical Designs & Technical Expertise in Arizona

At EDC Electrical Consulting, LLC we provide electrical design for architectural, educational, retail, commercial and residential projects. We are a full-service electrical engineering organization.

EDC Electrical Consulting, LLC

Electrical Construction & Engineering Documents

At EDC Electrical Consulting, LLC, we work harder, respond faster and deliver more because we are family owned and have a vested interest in making every project and client successful. For you, that translates into a steadfast commitment to your needs and high-quality, cost-effective design and construction of projects that work for you. We're simply designed for your success.

Our Successful Projects

Since 2009, we have done over 90% of our work in Arizona, but we are available throughout all 50 states to assist your with your electrical engineering needs. We have successfully provided our services in California, New York, Florida, and Indiana to name a few.

EDC Electrical Consulting, LLC

Our Mission

At EDC Electrical Consulting, LLC, our mission is to lead the electrical design community with innovative design consistent with sound engineering.

We provide innovative, flexible and cost effective Electrical design solutions for today’s state-of-the-art facilities. Our Engineering staff has the knowledge and experience to assist our clients in achieving functionally effective and financially prudent design solutions.

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